As you may know I haven’t posted for a while, this is because I have been on a school residential. I missed Riley massively though I found time to get her a present…

We are now going on another trip, this time with Riley!
Yes we are going camping this week in the Isle Of Wight and we are super excited. 

Riley has been dreaming sweet dreams about chasing seagulls and running down the beach.

The Island map.

Some packing was done.

Now were almost ready to go!
Sadly this does mean that it’ll be ANOTHER WEEK until I blog again because my phone has no internet access (it is really bad!) but we will take lots of photo’s so we will post about it when we get back next week.

Drying off and a big THANK YOU!

Sorry their has bee n no blogging for a while as I have been super busy. Unfortunately for Riley we managed to fit in a groom.

Who put this here?
We towel dry Riley because with the dryer she tries to gulp down the air that is coming out of it.
Today we’d like to say a massive thank you to all at Earls World for our showing us on their blog as a YOU interview. We loved the post so if you haven’t seen the post head over there here now!
Thanks guys.


Riley has a friend that she’d like to share with you (don’t judge the fact that he’s a pencil case).

Meet Russell – Riley’s best friend/true love.

Every day after school she roots around my bag and brings him out.
They have many adventures together such as:
  • Riley carrying him while racing around the garden
  • Putting him down then walking off then coming back to find him again
  • Sleeping

They really do get along well.

Hey Russell you OK?

Yep he is OK.

Does your dog have a best friend that is slightly unusual? 


Today is our reflect post on our A-Z challenge.

This is our first year doing the challenge posting (or trying to) a letter of the alphabet each day.Luckily we managed to do all the letters!

We survived!

Here is a little bit about what we thought of the challenge.

The challenge was a great way to visit other peoples blogs who you wouldn’t other wise look at. We have found some we really enjoyed and will keep on reading them.  It also made you think of something beginning with every letter of the alphabet (not that easy!).
We would definitely recommend the challenge so go and mark the first of April on your calender as the first A-Z day and blog your alphabet.
The blog that hosts the challenge is   

About that smoothie

As you may know I made Riley a doggy frozen smoothie yesterday. It went well and today seemed the perfect day to try it as the sun was shining down on us.

I gave Riley a little bit as too much dairy could give her an upset tummy.

The frozen thing.

In a bowl ready for Riley to have a much.
Well it was gone very quickly!

Yum yum yum!
Riley loved the frozen yoguart snack and would recommend it for your dogs. If you haven’t already check out the recipe here!

Frozen smoothie!

Today I made Riley a frozen smoothie as a summer treat.

Here is our basic/brief recipe.

  • A large pot of natural yoghurt 0% fat (will make about 4-5 scoops)
  • Cheddar cheese (used today)
  • Peanut butter (used today)
  • Carrot
  • Pepper
  • Sausage
  • Bacon 
  • Chicken 
  • Ham 
  • Apple 
  • Banana
  • Any others you think your dog might like
I cannot give exact amounts because it depends on how many extras you choose and how much yoghurt you use.
We had been a longish walk and Riley was being good. Tired dog equals good dog. So when she fell asleep I decided to make her these frozen goodies.

All I used was some natural yoghurt, peanut butter (a definite favourite) and cheddar cheese.
First I chopped up 120g of cheddar into small chunks.
Then poured the yoghurt, peanut butter and cheese into the bowl.
As soon as the lid came off the peanut butter Riley was there.
With a bit of a bad hair day moustache but I shouldn’t judge as she only just woke up.
I mixed the ingredients around in the bowl until it was all combined and looked like this…
Then I thought, what if she didn’t like it?
There was only one way to tell.
The taste test.
Luckily it passed.
I then put it into the plastic container, put the lid on and place it into the freezer.
Now all we have to do is…
When Riley will try this smoothie and give her all important verdict.
Until then please put your dogs name down here to receive the pooch of the month award which will be given out later this week. 


A belated PP to you all on May’s pinch punch post!

First lets have a look at…

Well the main thing was our A-Z challenge!
Every day apart from Sundays we blogged a different letter of the alphabet in the correct order.
We managed to do all 26 letters but with one being done today (sorry!).
We hope to pass so we have our paws and fingers crossed hoping that doing some letters on other days doesn’t really matter.
Also this month we have…
Been on a picnic.

Do YOU have that sausage sandwich?

Riley got her hair clipped!

Also she has been spayed so had lots of relaxation time.

We did some training…

before she decided to steal the scissor case.

We put up Easter decorations.

And wished y’all a very happy Easter!

Riley and I read Pudsey’s autobidography.

We spent some time playing outdoors.

And had a go at the water bowl challenge
We built a teepee. 

Raised awareness of the YELLOW RIBBON.

Also I went to master groom!
Wow what a busy month. 
  • Give someone the pooch of the month award
  • Raise money for a K9 charity
  • Make a yogart treat for Riley
  • Give tips for a dog friendly garden
  • Start Riley up at a new training classes
  • Brush up on our training 
  • Complete some of the 11 things to do with your dog which includes going camping!!!
Have a great month and make sure you join the hop along with our hosts at earls world.