A belated PP to you all on May’s pinch punch post!

First lets have a look at…

Well the main thing was our A-Z challenge!
Every day apart from Sundays we blogged a different letter of the alphabet in the correct order.
We managed to do all 26 letters but with one being done today (sorry!).
We hope to pass so we have our paws and fingers crossed hoping that doing some letters on other days doesn’t really matter.
Also this month we have…
Been on a picnic.

Do YOU have that sausage sandwich?

Riley got her hair clipped!

Also she has been spayed so had lots of relaxation time.

We did some training…

before she decided to steal the scissor case.

We put up Easter decorations.

And wished y’all a very happy Easter!

Riley and I read Pudsey’s autobidography.

We spent some time playing outdoors.

And had a go at the water bowl challenge
We built a teepee. 

Raised awareness of the YELLOW RIBBON.

Also I went to master groom!
Wow what a busy month. 
  • Give someone the pooch of the month award
  • Raise money for a K9 charity
  • Make a yogart treat for Riley
  • Give tips for a dog friendly garden
  • Start Riley up at a new training classes
  • Brush up on our training 
  • Complete some of the 11 things to do with your dog which includes going camping!!!
Have a great month and make sure you join the hop along with our hosts at earls world.



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