As you may know I haven’t posted for a while, this is because I have been on a school residential. I missed Riley massively though I found time to get her a present…

We are now going on another trip, this time with Riley!
Yes we are going camping this week in the Isle Of Wight and we are super excited. 

Riley has been dreaming sweet dreams about chasing seagulls and running down the beach.

The Island map.

Some packing was done.

Now were almost ready to go!
Sadly this does mean that it’ll be ANOTHER WEEK until I blog again because my phone has no internet access (it is really bad!) but we will take lots of photo’s so we will post about it when we get back next week.


9 thoughts on “Holidays

  1. I love that! We want a neckerchief like that – we have two, a blue one and one which came from relatives in the USA!

    I'm going to have a week off blogging probably this week (because I'm away) next week (because I have a visitor!) and the 13th-20th (because I'm away!). So many days missed – but Poppy will have an early birthday post!


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