Building a schnauzer

Recently we have had some pretty bad weather and I decided that I’d have a go making something.

I found a nano-blocks set to “build a schnauzer” that one of my relatives had sent me.

Nano blocks are tiny and great for making little models.

I started off making the body, which went fine. Then the head.

Something was wrong… his head was WONKY! 

So I took it to pieces redid it and…
Here he is.

Riley gives her nod of approval.
Have you got any name suggestions for him/her?


 This morning we set of early for a morning walk before the forecast rain came down on us.

Come on mum I was ready ages ago!

I love woodland walkies.
We like going for walks in the woods because:
  • It’s shaded in the summer and slightly rain protected in the winter
  • There are lots of pretty plants and wildlife 
  • It is pretty quiet so we can let Riley off the lead
  • There are plenty of sticks to carry around (Riley’s idea)
One of the tracks.
The only downside is that Riley gets full of burrs and seeds.

Well yes they are, this is because after a short while they will start matting especially under your dogs armpits because of their legs moving.
You should also check in-between your dogs paw pads for matting as they can get infected there.
To get them out use your hands or a comb.

Some of Rileys burrs and seeds.


Hi guys and yes for me and many it is now the summer holidays!

I am super excited as we are sure to be doing many exciting things. Also I can blog more often!

We went on a coastal walk this week.

Riley likes a bit of sea and fresh air. She has gradually come to terms with the sea and learnt it is not for drinking from (yuck).

There were some high sandy walls that needed climbing.
Riley was up for the job with her climbing skills.

We explored rock-pools, went for a paddle (it was freezing) and lay in the sun cloud.

We did a spot of birdwatching, can you guess what this bird is?
We had such a great time that we decided to add it to our list of…
We are going to enter an online dog show, yes an ONLINE DOG SHOW! I know it is such  a great idea and if you’d like to enter too head over to Poppy’s Dog Blog.

A doggy summer is for…

Here at MMR we have a little summer project called:
This is where every week this summer I will try to post a different suggestion of what you could do with your dog this summer or if you haven’t got a dog you can hear about Riley and mines summer experiences.
Today I’ll start with an easy favourite.
Here are some tips to make playing tuggie more fun.
  • Sometimes swap the cotton tuggie for something different like a small blanket or a soft toy
  • If your dog is getting into the game and growls don’t be alarmed they are only playing, you can show them that you want to win to and growl back
  • Give that tuggie a nice shake about to make it a little harder for your dog to stay on
  • Never over do this as you don’t want to pull your dogs teeth out
  • Don’t make games to long as your dog will get bored so to check stop playing and see if they nudge you to carry on
  • You end the game and win 2 out of 3 ish times to show your dog who is boss but don’t always win because they will get bored
  • Why not attach it to a rope and run around the garden trailing behind you?

Riley loves tug!


I’m guessing you know the game rounders?

As it has been lovely sunny weather, my family and I decided to play rounders and as family includes dogs then Riley came too.

When you play rounders you have a fielding team and a bowling team. Once you have played for a while the teams switch.

Or are supposed to because Riley never switches she has her own special part to play.

You want to know why she is classified as  “annoying”?
Well she can’t help it really but when someone gives the ball a good whack like any other fielder she goes to get it , quickly. So quick in fact that she is generally the ONLY fielder who ever manages to get the ball (faster than she looks). 
This would be great for the feilders as they could stump the batters out really quick but the thing is that Riley has other ideas…
She decides that she is going to rebel against her fielding team and run around the garden with the ball with every one chasing after her.
You can tell that she loves it and so does the person who has just hit the ball.
Once the game is over you have to be sure not to leave the bat on the floor because this happens:

Hope y’all have a great Friday and weekend!


Sorry that you haven’t heard from us lately this is partly because we have been super busy so we have lots to tell you!

On Saturday we attended our local village fete and joined in the fun dog show!

We were a bit late as I had to attend a school fair before hand so classes 1-5 had already been done so we took part in 6 and 8.

We didn’t have long to wait before our first class, best rough/long coat.

Waiting for our turn.

The judge came around and had a look at the dogs before picking out a short list of 3 and we were one of them! We came away with a lovely 2nd place.

The next class didn’t go as well as the judge didn’t really want to take Riley home (she wouldn’t let the judge touch her).
The Sunday after I went to watch some dog vegas agility in Thetford.

It was a great day and very motivating.

We then had our first puppy foundation agility class which went well. I will give you some of the little agility helping games for those of you who are interested in future posts.

What a busy month!
Please link up to this fabulous hop and enjoy July!