Sorry that you haven’t heard from us lately this is partly because we have been super busy so we have lots to tell you!

On Saturday we attended our local village fete and joined in the fun dog show!

We were a bit late as I had to attend a school fair before hand so classes 1-5 had already been done so we took part in 6 and 8.

We didn’t have long to wait before our first class, best rough/long coat.

Waiting for our turn.

The judge came around and had a look at the dogs before picking out a short list of 3 and we were one of them! We came away with a lovely 2nd place.

The next class didn’t go as well as the judge didn’t really want to take Riley home (she wouldn’t let the judge touch her).
The Sunday after I went to watch some dog vegas agility in Thetford.

It was a great day and very motivating.

We then had our first puppy foundation agility class which went well. I will give you some of the little agility helping games for those of you who are interested in future posts.

What a busy month!
Please link up to this fabulous hop and enjoy July!



10 thoughts on “PPP

  1. Yippee, well done! What a great placing. Glad your foundation agility went well. How old is Riley now?? We compete at Dog Vegas all the time, but unfortunately didn't attend the Thetford show!

    Thanks for being such an awesome cohost of the Pinch Punch Post Blog Hop! Have a great month!



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