I’m guessing you know the game rounders?

As it has been lovely sunny weather, my family and I decided to play rounders and as family includes dogs then Riley came too.

When you play rounders you have a fielding team and a bowling team. Once you have played for a while the teams switch.

Or are supposed to because Riley never switches she has her own special part to play.

You want to know why she is classified as  “annoying”?
Well she can’t help it really but when someone gives the ball a good whack like any other fielder she goes to get it , quickly. So quick in fact that she is generally the ONLY fielder who ever manages to get the ball (faster than she looks). 
This would be great for the feilders as they could stump the batters out really quick but the thing is that Riley has other ideas…
She decides that she is going to rebel against her fielding team and run around the garden with the ball with every one chasing after her.
You can tell that she loves it and so does the person who has just hit the ball.
Once the game is over you have to be sure not to leave the bat on the floor because this happens:

Hope y’all have a great Friday and weekend!


7 thoughts on “Rounders

  1. Katie would have enjoyed that game a few years ago as she likes to grab a ball and run to get others to chase her, but Bailie and I aren't into that and Katie doesn't play anymore either. You enjoy your game, though.


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