A doggy summer is for…

Here at MMR we have a little summer project called:
This is where every week this summer I will try to post a different suggestion of what you could do with your dog this summer or if you haven’t got a dog you can hear about Riley and mines summer experiences.
Today I’ll start with an easy favourite.
Here are some tips to make playing tuggie more fun.
  • Sometimes swap the cotton tuggie for something different like a small blanket or a soft toy
  • If your dog is getting into the game and growls don’t be alarmed they are only playing, you can show them that you want to win to and growl back
  • Give that tuggie a nice shake about to make it a little harder for your dog to stay on
  • Never over do this as you don’t want to pull your dogs teeth out
  • Don’t make games to long as your dog will get bored so to check stop playing and see if they nudge you to carry on
  • You end the game and win 2 out of 3 ish times to show your dog who is boss but don’t always win because they will get bored
  • Why not attach it to a rope and run around the garden trailing behind you?

Riley loves tug!


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