PPP August

Hello and today is the first of March which means it must be the Pinch Punch Post!

We had a great July!

We started our summer project called “a doggy summer is for…” where each week we try and post something you can do with your dog this summer.

We went for a lovely woodland walk.

Riley picked up lots of burrs which we had to comb out.
We have been attending our agility classes and Riley is improving.
Also I am now on my summer holiday!
Yesterday we went to a tea room.
Riley was allowed to come because you sit outside.

We packed her a bag with a toy, water and her lunch and set off.

Riley relaxing by a deckchair in the orchard tea rooms
We had a lovely day with scones for humans and Riley met some other doggies (including a massive speedy greyhound!). Β 
Going somewhere for the day with your canine friend is a lot of fun!
This August on the blog I plan to put on some videos of some training tips and some little games that you can play with your dog that we learnt at our agility class.
We will be doing a new pooch of the month award so head over to theΒ your muttΒ page to enter.
Please join in the August fun and link in your blog!



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