Our blogiversary

Yay happy 1st birthday to MMR!

We are going to celebrate our first year blogging with some of our favourite photos and memories.

When I started the blog I didn’t have Riley but really wanted a dog!

In fact I have wanted one since I was four when my mum took me to crufts.

Watching the agility at crufts this year, something Riley and I hope to do in the future.

Riley was a real small furball when we got her! But super cute too.
As a puppy Riley was very energetic.

Riley has been camping to the Isle of Wight.

She even swam in the sea!

She has 2 good friends, Finty and Charlie.

We have won one rosette at a fun show.

We co-host the PPP.

We have good blogging friends and have been awarded the liebster award twice!

Our most proud achievement on the blog is to have completed the A-Z challenge!

My favourite photo.


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