Training tips and tricks- hand touch

Today Riley and I have been a little busy training and would like to share one of the skills we have learnt at our puppy foundation agility class.This will also be one of our things to do for our doggy summer is for…


This is super easy to teach and is used to teach the nose touch (which is used on equipment) afterwards.

  1. Grab a handful of kibble and your dog
  2. Stick your hand out a little to one side of your dog
  3. Hopefully your dog will automatically go and touch your hand with their nose
  4. If they do praise and give lots of treats!!
  5. Keep going with this and distance your hand a little from your dog
  6. When your dog is confident with this get your dog to do one hand touch on one side of you and then one on the other before you treat
  7. See if they will give you multiple touches on one side before you treat
  8. Before you know it your dog and you will be pros at hand touches!
I managed to get a little video of Riley hand touching.
We like to use pb treats.
Oh, and I say “yes” to mark her behaviour like a clicker so she knows she is getting a treat because yes means treat.
Soon I will post about how to teach your dog to beg.


7 thoughts on “Training tips and tricks- hand touch

  1. How delightful! I volunteered for a year or so walking dogs at a local no-kill shelter here in the United States and of course never got to this degree but did learn some walking tips from Cesar Milan. ~grin~ I would've kept volunteering except some of them broke my heart by still being there after so many months. Thank you for the smile.


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