Do your doggy mums ever laugh at you because of your sleeping positions?!

Mine does.Β 
I have two main sleeping positions:
The tight curl.

The upside down shake or UDS.

My favourite sleeping place has to be the beanbag.
What is your favourite sleeping positions or place?

7 thoughts on “Sleep

  1. Earl and Ethel like sprawling out on their sides and snoozing in the sun.
    Earl likes the 'frogs legs' position, also.
    But they're both adorable when curled up, too.

    Riley, you don't know how adorable you look on that big beanbag!


  2. A curl is definitely a classic. It is not so cute when you get off the bean bag to get a drink and come back to find a dog or cat has stolen it and is fast asleep so you can't share with them.


  3. My goofy cat Tilly likes to lie on her back a lot when wakeful and not tightly curled for sleeping. It's so funny when we are watching television and she distracts us with the silly pose. I swear her brightly unwavering gaze is seeking adoration, too.


  4. I got Riley from a breeder in Peterborough. She breeds black and salt and pepper. Although if you het one from her it may bee pretty small as Riley is small for her breed but was the biggest in the litter! A good website for dogs is pets4homes.


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