We are back!

Were back!

I am sorry we are a little late but we ended up staying at some friends house on the way back from our little trip.

This was Riley’s second camping experience although this time instead of driving down the the Isle of Wight we drove up to Lancashire for our holiday.

She is one happy camper!

Hey mum it’s a beach.

Β With some dog magazines and some chews for Riley nothing could stand in the way of a relaxing break.

Riley’s camping essentials are:
  • A crate
  • Some chews
  • A blanket
  • A bowl
  • A toy
  • Some kibble (to last how long you are staying)
  • A lead
  • A metal dog tether
Rileys crate.

We had a lovely time exploring beaches,walking in the woods and meeting new friends.

So many trees!

What a crazy beard!
Riley was so tired when we got back she flopped asleep straight away.
On a turtle!
We are proudly participating in…



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