8 photos of happiness

Thank you to our nominators at Poppy’s Dog Blog! They have a super blog about Poppy the beagle so if you haven’t already check it out NOW!

The guidelines:

  1. Thank your nominator and link their blog
  2. Link the creator of the tag ,Ariel’s Little Corner of the Internet
  3. Display your 8 photos of happiness
  4. You can add a little description of the photos
  5. Tag up to 10 other blogs!
Okay so here we go with our 8 happy pictures!


This is a picture of happiness for me because it is sweet and makes me happy and also reminds me that Riley and I have have managed to train together and that Riley is a little bit better behaved!


My little shaggy pup just about to cause mischief.


Riley as a little puppy only 7 weeks old. Puppies make everyone happy!


Well this is a happy photo for Ivich but not for Riley.


I really enjoy going to dog shows and fairs and hope to go to a fun show on Monday!


We both felt happy once we’d built this (it kept falling down).


Riley feels happy with her love… Russell.


And her doggy friends even though they are a lot bigger than her!
Our nominees:
Sorry if you have already been nominated!


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