How to decorate your dogs collar

So you may have seen this photo of Riley with her daisy collar on the earlier post.

I am now going to give a tutorial on how to make a daisy collar but remember you can vary the colours and also the size will depend on what size your dog is!
You will need:
  • Scissors
  • A sewing machine or very good hand stitching
  • Some green fabric
  • Some yellow fabric
  • Some white felt
  • A button
  • An old collar ( I used a charity shop one for 50p)
  • Button(s)
  • A pen
  • Card
  • Needle and thread
  1. Get your dogs collar and measure it against the fabric, cut it wide enough so that it can go around the collar and there we still be about 2cm left.
You will need to cut it so there is enough room  for you to do the clasp up. If you want to be able to clip the lead on cut it below the metal ring.
2.  If the ends will fray hem them
3. Now fold in half length ways so the seams are on the outside and sew it up.
4. Now for the hard part… turn it inside out!
Then slip it over the collar
5.  Then for the daisy (you don’t have to do a daisy you can alter it and make up any flower you like or if your feeling really creative try a different shape!)
Find a button for the centre of the flower. I chose a fairly big one because I did one flower but if you want to do more then smaller ones are better.
The button.

6. Grab your pen and card and put the button in the middle of the card then draw your flower shape around it.
Cut it out.
7. Put the card cut out/template over your felt and draw around it then cut it out
8. Now for the centre cut out a square of fabric around twice the size of your button and hand sew it to the button. Remember to wrap the the fabric around the button and stitch it up at the back.
9. Now you can sew the button to the petals!
10. All that is left to do before the model tries it on is to sew the flower to the collar. If you want to make flowers etc that you can Velcro on and of and switch then  sew the Velcro to the collar and the flowers at this point.
Sew the flower to the collar.
And hey presto your dog can start modelling there newly done up collar!

If you make it please comment and tell us how you went on!

9 thoughts on “How to decorate your dogs collar

  1. Hi Riley nice to meet ya! Thank you for visiting my blog.
    I'm passing this post to my Mum and she says she totally luvs it!!! She's a DIY person so she' absolutely s going to make one for me. Yay! thanks to you.


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