3 ways to keep your dog entertained

Do you sometimes feel guilty that you are very busy but your dog looks extremely bored? For example you need to finish your homework or your in the middle of making dinner and this sad doggy face pops up saying play with me! 

Here are three ways to keep your dog entertained.
1. The treat bottle
All you need is a plastic bottle and a hand full of kibble. 

And simply place the kibble in the bottle!
Riley enjoying her kibble bottle.
You will need to keep an eye on your dog whilst they do this so you can take the bottle away once they have eaten all the kibble so they don’t chew the bottle up!
This is a great way for your dog to work for their food.
2.  The kong
This is an obvious choice but it is the filling that matters!
Experiment with what your dog likes,, Riley’s favourite is peanut butter, carrot and kibble but you could try cream cheese, cheddar,banana, ham or chicken.
The Riley trio!
To make it even harder for your dog freeze it!
3. Change the toys!
Are your dogs toys always laid out all over the floor or in a box where they can take what they like and when they like? Why not try mixing it up a bit and keeping a toy box out of reach and switching the toys around every few days to keep your dog interested. 

Bath day!

Help today is a bath day!!!!
Mum said I smell and needed a bath. I think that was rude of her because the smell of sardines and horse poo (from the walk) is actually quite nice.
She wasn’t listening to me and popped me in the bath.It is so unfair! 
It is pretty simple, I get a wash then a shampoo then another wash.

Actually now I am in here it’s okay! I love having a shampoo massage.

The pictures are a bit blurred because I am a fidget.

All done now time for the dryer!


Totally tired

Once these guys have been around my house I am absolutely knackered!
All of us after a long walk. I am the chief beanbag hogger!

Before we join the hop mum would like to say sorry for not posting for so long (we have been very busy training Charlie and Finty and getting used to back to school) she says she doesn’t know how people with more than one dog have time to do everything! I think she is just slow.


Super late PPP

I know it is the fourth and not the first and I am super sorry that we haven’t pinch punch posted yet. Well I thought better late than never so here we go!

This August we have…

Had lots of fun whilst I am on school holidays! We did plenty of fun activities and Riley went camping.

Riley at the campsite.

Wet after a walk.
We also made a  daisy collar for Riley and a bow tie

We were having so much fun the time flew by so quickly and now it is September!
This means back to school but agility will be on again and we will be practising some new tricks.
Also Charlie and Finty are down so we are in for some fun and nice walks.
We hope to post a tutorial for making the bow tie and and how to teach your dog to beg!