Totally tired

Once these guys have been around my house I am absolutely knackered!
All of us after a long walk. I am the chief beanbag hogger!

Before we join the hop mum would like to say sorry for not posting for so long (we have been very busy training Charlie and Finty and getting used to back to school) she says she doesn’t know how people with more than one dog have time to do everything! I think she is just slow.


8 thoughts on “Totally tired

  1. Riley, you naughty pup. You should be more grateful. ~grin~ My niece has one dog that wears them out. He is huge and acts like the puppy he is, not knowing his own strength. Cooper needs a friend, but they haven't had luck with that. I think he's a cross between a golden retriever and a school bus! I suggested they look into adopting a young moose. πŸ™‚


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