Lots to say!

Well it has been a long time!

I’ll start at the beginning with Rileys birthday.

It was the weekend before October the 5th (Rileys birthday) and as Riley’s birthday was on the Monday we decided to visit one of Rileys favourite places on Saturday, the beach.

We love the beach!
Even when its freezing cold it is a great place for walking and Riley can meet other dogs.

Off she goes!
She is surprisingly fast for a small dog/
Riley still hasn’t learnt that salt water doesn’t taste great.

Posing on top of a boat just before stealing some of my fish and chips!
She isn’t too keen on swimming, but prefers to race along the beach.

Later we went for a walk further inland and met some pigs who Riley was rather curious about.
On her actual birthday Riley we celebrated with a little pupcake for her.
I forgot to take a photo of the cake but I got one of her scoffing it down.
She got a soft toy and the promise of agility equipment which I haven’t quite decided on yet.
Harry the octopus.
We will next do a review on Riley’s new jumper.
Happy Mischief Monday everyone!



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