Walkin’ in a Winter Wonderland

It’s been cold, it even snowed recently!
When I say snowing it was only around a centimeter of it, although that was enough to get us excited.

I didn’t get a photo of the snow but here is a garden full of frost taken from the safe warmth of the kitchen.
Riley got kitted out in her jumper and scarf all ready for a walk. Her jumper is made by equafleece and is very warm and useful during the cold days, to read our review about it click here. Santa got her the scarf so you’ll have to ask him is you are wondering about that.
The flowers have started to blossom .

Riley’s perfect “I know you have more treats in that pocket” look. 
Our Message to you this week is to get active!
It is easily done to stay inside and drink hot chocolate these winter days but our dogs can’t have a cup of cadburys’ and need stimulation! I am guilty of this too but I am going to try really hard to play, walk and bond more with Riley and we hope you do too! We will be posting ideas of some things to do both inside and outside and  some inspiration of places to visit.For some ideas in the meantime visit our get active page.


Be My Valentine

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

Riley was really excited for valentines day and made a card.
The only problem is that she has no one to give it to. She asked Ivich the cat for some tips but she wasn’t helpful.
She has searched high and low for a valentine but they’re not exactly growing on trees near our house.
She was frustrated and sad.
So I told her…
And she did and look who she found…
Who could ask for a better valentine!
Have a great day and don’t just hang around all lonely try and  give a little love today!

Trick Training

Today we’ll be showing you how to perform one of our favourite tricks the beg!

This is a very effective trick that will impress anybody and all you need is your dog some treats and a bit of time.

Kibble that we used
We train using Riley’s dinner so she has to work for it. I know we are so mean!

A very hungry Riley
For this trick your dog needs to know a sit position.
First of all get your dog to sit then grab a treat put it under their nose and move it upwards so that they are only just sitting on their hind legs.
They will look for balance and will go to put their front paws down so take your arm and put it in front of them so they can place it on your arm instead.
Soon you can build this balance up until they can do this freestanding. Add the command beg and maybe a signal as well.
If you keep practicing and praising soon you will be able to do this…
Snoopy's Dog Blog

We’re Back!


My Mutt Riley is back!

Recently we have been doing a lot of this…

And this…
When it’s not been freezing we have had some lovely woodland walks and some great agility sessions!

The woods

A VERY muddy Riley after one of our walks
Riley has made lots of new friends and has a new walking buddy!
The handsome Charlie

 We have done so much it take a long time to recap on it all so I have decided to start afresh and go from NOW!

For those of you who don’t know Riley she is a one and a half year old miniature schnauzer from Suffolk and she lives with me and the rest of our family.

We train in agility and she is a professional food taster (or stealer, depends which way you look at it)

This our blog on which we post our training tips, diys, reviews and just what we get up to.