Walkin’ in a Winter Wonderland

It’s been cold, it even snowed recently!
When I say snowing it was only around a centimeter of it, although that was enough to get us excited.

I didn’t get a photo of the snow but here is a garden full of frost taken from the safe warmth of the kitchen.
Riley got kitted out in her jumper and scarf all ready for a walk. Her jumper is made by equafleece and is very warm and useful during the cold days, to read our review about it click here. Santa got her the scarf so you’ll have to ask him is you are wondering about that.
The flowers have started to blossom .

Riley’s perfect “I know you have more treats in that pocket” look. 
Our Message to you this week is to get active!
It is easily done to stay inside and drink hot chocolate these winter days but our dogs can’t have a cup of cadburys’ and need stimulation! I am guilty of this too but I am going to try really hard to play, walk and bond more with Riley and we hope you do too! We will be posting ideas of some things to do both inside and outside and  some inspiration of places to visit.For some ideas in the meantime visit our get active page.



13 thoughts on “Walkin’ in a Winter Wonderland

  1. I unknowingly took your excellent advice and did get active today. My Ohio lawn here in the USA already needed to be mowed! Ugh. Oh, well, blooming pansies and making way for new perennial grass growth are nice consolation prizes. In fact, I blogged about a volunteer pansy in today's long overdue post. Do you plan to join in the April A-Z blog challenge? It's almost time! Best wishes.


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