D is for DIY

We’re slowly catching up on the A-Z and today we are completing letter D.

I love a bit of doggy DIY and making things for Riley that are cheap and fun to do. Today I will be showing you how to make a spring hat for your dog perfect for any Spring shows or parades. For more doggy DIYs click here to visit our page.

How to make…. An Easter/Spring hat for your dog
Difficulty…. Easy/Medium#

You will need:

  • A plastic plant pot (with a rim big enough to sit on your dogs head)
  • Green Paint 
  • Paint brush or sponge
  • Green tissue paper
  • Sequins or glitter (what ever colours you fancy)
  • Cardboard
  • Yellow card
  • Pencil or pen
  • Knife
  • String or ribbon
  • Scissors
  • 4 small sheets of green card
  • Scellotape
Grab a plant pot this will be the main section of the hat and you will need a lightweight one that will fit nicely on your dogs head. I got mine from the shed but garden centres will have them. 

Get your cardboard and place your pot in the centre and draw around it and then a bigger ring around that. This will be the rim around the bottom of the hat.

My second ring is not very neat but you could find a larger pot if you would like it more precise.

Here is where a pen knife comes in handy but you can also use scissors to cut the centre out.

Tadah! The pot fits!

Time for the decoration!

Cut two slits on either side of the ring. This will be to thread the ribbon/string through so it stays on your dogs head.

The decoration of the hat is up to you but here is a spring design.
I went for a grassy look, to do this paint your pot and lid green and add tissue paper whilst wet, For my green paint I mixed in some PVA so the tissue would stick better and the hat would have a better texture. Depending on the colour of your pot you may have to do more than one layer of paint for the green to really show.

The finished hat pieces!

Once they have dried simply tape the base to the pot. I used masking tape as it is stronger.

A grassy hat.

Next grab your small sheets of green card and roll them into thin tubes that are about 5cm longer than the length of your pot.

Three more to go!

Cut the ends so they are flat and glue them down and tape the tube to the side. You will need to leave a little bit of your tube sticking up on top. See picture above.

Now for the daffodils get  your yellow card and draw four setts of petals joined together with a hole here the trumpet will do through. See pic above.

Cut rectangles to roll up into tubes and feed through the daffodil. there should be a lot on the other side of the petals as well, as you are going to put that inside the stems/green tubes!

The bottom of this one isn’t long enough.
Once the daffodils are in place drizzle watered down glue on your creation and spinkle sequins or glitter over that to give it that final touch.
Before your dog tries it on thread a ribbon or string trough the slits and see how it fits.

Fitting nicely Riley just need to cut of the end of the string.

….And here are the daffodils!

Please comment below if you are going to try this and if you do how it went! Also if you have any other ideas for DIY’s that you’d like to see on the blog comment them!

How to Make the Most of Beaches With Your Dog

So letter B today and as we recently visited the Norfolk coast I thought  it would be appropriate to use beaches as our letter B.

Going to the beach with your dog can be really fun if you are organised and know what you are doing so here are some handy tips for…

Visiting the seaside with your dog!

1. Check the beach you are visiting is dog friendly.
This is very important if you want to take your dog to the beach! Also most popular beaches don’t allow dogs on between May and September as this is the busiest time.

2. Pack 
You will want to make sure you have all the essentials such as:

  • Poo bags
  • Water and bowl
  • Food (if you are going during their mealtime/s)
  • Towel – if they get wet and sandy
  • Lead 
Some other things you may wish to take as well are:
  • Toys – floating ones are good for the sea!
  • Treats
  • blanket/bed
  • towel coats these are great for drying off and you can buy them from https://www.ruffandtumbledogcoats.com/
  • Coat or jumper – it can be chilly by the sea
I like to take Riley’s tennis balls to the beach as fetch is a great game to play especcially when ot is not busy.
3. Supervise
If you are letting your dog off the lead, remember to keep an eye on them as some dogs can easily get too excited and wander off too greet other dogs and on the way trample on a few children’s sandcastles. Keep in mind the beach is for everyone!
4. Pick up!
Pick up the poo! You can be fined but it also makes the beach smell and look unattractive as well as being unhygienic! Most beaches should have bins nearby.
Says it all!
5. Swimming
Many dogs love swimming so taking floating toys (to buy some try http://www.barksandbunnies.co.uk/collections/floating) can be a great idea! Try not to “over exercise” as swimming can be very tiring! Also bear the temperature of the water in mind when throwing a toy in.
6. Provide Fresh Water
Sea is salt water so not the kind your dog drinks and all that running along the sand can be tiring. Take water and a bowl for your dog as they will get thirsty!
7. Eating 
If you are going to a cafe check if they are dog friendly although most dog friendly beaches have dog friendly cafes, some even offer treats!
Visiting a tea room with a dog friendly garden.
Whatever you do have fun and enjoy the sea!

Riley racing along the beach enjoying her seaside adventure! She is definitely more of a sand dog than a sea dog.

Wells beach in Norfolk is one of our favourites. Comment bellow if you have taken your dogs to the beach before and any tips!

A is for April P.P.P and Agility Video

Yesterday we arrived back from our holiday and we are ready to go  with our A-Z!

For those of you who are not sure what this is the A_Z April is a blogging challenge for all kinds of bloggers to enter for free and try and do a post every day to do with that days letter of the alphabet in order so the 1st is A, 2nd is B and so on. To see the other participants and more information go to http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/
I have been on holiday so I have not posted yet but I will try to catch up! Also my post content won’t change to much but I WILL post more often!!!
A is for April P.P.P and as we didn’t post much (anything) last month we are going to give a quick round up of what you might be seeing on the blog this month!

Games to play with your dog.

DIY Spring Bonnet 

Grooming tips and a Q and A session with our dog groomer Catherine


Days out and making the most of Beaches!
If you have any other requests or thing you’d like to hear from us please comment below.
Also A is for Agility and I have finally got a video to show you!
It’s just a couple of jumps but we will put some more complex ones and some weaves up during this month.
Have a great April!


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