How to Make the Most of Beaches With Your Dog

So letter B today and as we recently visited the Norfolk coast I thought  it would be appropriate to use beaches as our letter B.

Going to the beach with your dog can be really fun if you are organised and know what you are doing so here are some handy tips for…

Visiting the seaside with your dog!

1. Check the beach you are visiting is dog friendly.
This is very important if you want to take your dog to the beach! Also most popular beaches don’t allow dogs on between May and September as this is the busiest time.

2. Pack 
You will want to make sure you have all the essentials such as:

  • Poo bags
  • Water and bowl
  • Food (if you are going during their mealtime/s)
  • Towel – if they get wet and sandy
  • Lead 
Some other things you may wish to take as well are:
  • Toys – floating ones are good for the sea!
  • Treats
  • blanket/bed
  • towel coats these are great for drying off and you can buy them from
  • Coat or jumper – it can be chilly by the sea
I like to take Riley’s tennis balls to the beach as fetch is a great game to play especcially when ot is not busy.
3. Supervise
If you are letting your dog off the lead, remember to keep an eye on them as some dogs can easily get too excited and wander off too greet other dogs and on the way trample on a few children’s sandcastles. Keep in mind the beach is for everyone!
4. Pick up!
Pick up the poo! You can be fined but it also makes the beach smell and look unattractive as well as being unhygienic! Most beaches should have bins nearby.
Says it all!
5. Swimming
Many dogs love swimming so taking floating toys (to buy some try can be a great idea! Try not to “over exercise” as swimming can be very tiring! Also bear the temperature of the water in mind when throwing a toy in.
6. Provide Fresh Water
Sea is salt water so not the kind your dog drinks and all that running along the sand can be tiring. Take water and a bowl for your dog as they will get thirsty!
7. Eating 
If you are going to a cafe check if they are dog friendly although most dog friendly beaches have dog friendly cafes, some even offer treats!
Visiting a tea room with a dog friendly garden.
Whatever you do have fun and enjoy the sea!

Riley racing along the beach enjoying her seaside adventure! She is definitely more of a sand dog than a sea dog.

Wells beach in Norfolk is one of our favourites. Comment bellow if you have taken your dogs to the beach before and any tips!


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