So we are back!!

This Summer is going by so quickly and that means it is going to be winter before we know it, and that means the agility winter series, and that means our first agility competition, and THAT means Riley has to be able to play tuggie!

When we started dog agility, 1 whole year ago now! We were using treats but as we have progressed we have been told to turn to tuggie.

We use tuggie for many reasons but mainly because you can’t take food into the ring.

My problem is that Riley will not play tug outside of the garden. In the garden she plays soooo good!
In the front garden, the field, the agility club… etc she will NOT play. She acts like I am not standing in the middle of the field looking like a crazy person shaking her tuggie whilst running around and squealing.

I have been given advice from several people to start in the garden and slowly building it up to the front garden and then to other places until she can tug anywhere!

But can we do it in time?

If you have any tips or experience from a dog that won’t play tug we would love to hear from you!


You will have probably noticed our blogs new look. We are still updating it so expect a few small changes to come 😉

We have updated our address so I hope that you can still find us! Also, at the moment I am experiencing a few problems with it being available on phones so please bear-with.

I hope you like our new design!


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