Many of you who watch it will know that the baking program The Great British Bake Off  will be returning to our screens this August (see their website

Whilst this fun baking contest is going on I have decided to try and test some doggy bakes to share with you on the blog! I will try and do ones that are easy to make with not a lot of ingredients.

Riley loves homemade treats!
Also I would love any suggestions of recipes: ones that you make your dogs regularly or ones you have heard of and want to know how so please comment at the end of the post!!!
Plus look out for polls that I will put up asking about your dogs favourite treat and tit-bit.
If you have read my previous post then you will know that I’ve been encouraging Riley to play tuggie in preparation for our first competitions this Winter.
Riley has made great progress and will now play on the green near the road! A big thank you to all who gave me tips especially those at, slowly adding distractions has definitely helped!

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