Our Northern Holiday!



Recently we went on holiday to Lancashire, it was a little chilly on some days but very beautiful! We went on plenty of scenic walks with Riley’s doggy pals and visit many nice local cafes.

But before you go on holiday you have to pack and Riley had her list organised…




All that was left to do was pack!

We found a big bag to put everything in!

We drove up to the Ribble Valley, which we would recommend for anyone with dogs wanting a lovely holiday with great views and walks,  and stayed with two of Riley’s doggy friends and their lovely owner!

After a couple of country walks we relaxed in the garden while the dogs slept. Well all of them apart from Riley whom had decided to explore her surroundings, even though she was smaller than the two others (a Labrador and a Goldendoodle) she seemed to have plenty of energy. Deciding to have a Bear Grylls like approach to romping around she headed straight for the pond and dived in!

Charlie looking rather puzzled as to what Riley was up to!
Fortunately the water wasn’t that deep and she splashed around whilst making funny whining sounds, like she was trying to catch the water droplets. She seemed to be enjoying herself but in case she wasn’t I decided to take her out, but within seconds she was back in again repeating the whole performance! I’d love to hear from you if your dog does the same or you might know why she does it.

Riley has also been to the village at the centre of the UK! Dunsop Bridge is great for a nice walk and you can finish in Puddle Ducks Cafe where you can sit outside and have a delicious slice of homemade cake and cup of tea!

We really enjoyed our trip and can’t wait to go again!




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