Autumn and Agility

It’s now the time of golden leaved and nice warm teas.


We have two walnut trees that keep producing (we must have nearly 2000 nuts, seriously!) but the pesky squirrels keep on coming so Riley has been on duty this weekend. She is now a full time walnut protector and is on the watch for squirrels.

Whilst the weather is still okayish we recommend wrapping up in your hat, scarf and woolly socks for a blackberry picking walk. We managed to collect three tubs full to make all sorts of blackberry and apple autumnal dishes! Riley likes to help by eating the unripe blackberries from the bottom of the plant.



I also have an exciting agility update that Riley and I are attending our first agility competition! After a year of practicing the time is now right.

It is a local competition and although getting a rosette would be nice we are going to get us used to the atmosphere and see what goes on! If you have any tips with entering a show or remembering a course please comment below.


Riley waiting for her turn on the windy agility course!