Christmas Surprises!

Ho ho ho only 28 days to go! Our local Christmas Fair has been on and we’re getting into the festive spirit – even if some say it’s still too early!

So to get you all merry and bright get you can get excited for…


Yes its our first ever 12 Woofs of Christmas (or #12woofsofchrismas) and we simply can’t wait! For twelve random days on the lead up to Christmas starting on the 1st of December we will be posting something exciting or festive for you all. Whether you get a dog biscuit recipe, an interview or our dog and owner gift guide we hope you’ll like it.

Mostly this winter season we want to promote spending some extra time with your dog now it gets darker early this may have to be indoors and doing something together like learning a trick or giving a cuddle, spread the festive cheer!





Riley’s New Dog Blog!

Right, our new site is up and running. In fact it it has been up since August so if you haven’t yet seen it then head straight to……..

Right now!

This site will no longer be in use and we will be posting from our new one #new #dog #blog #mymuttriley.

We can’t wait for you to see it!

Riley & I X

Dog Groomer Interview Q&A

I got a great opportunity to ask some questions to Riley’s wonderful dog groomer, Catherine.


So, what do you enjoy most about being a dog groomer?

The transformation from scruffy mutt to pampered pooch and the owner’s reaction when they are collected.

What grooming product could you not do with out in your salon?

A really good comb for finding those tangles and getting rid of them!

How often should people groom their dogs at home between sessions at the groomers?

It depends on the breed but most require a comb or brush through at least once a week.

Do you recommend any products for doing this?

Really it depends on what kind of coat your dog has but I do love k9 competition’s products ( and I would recommend a good slicker brush.

What is the best way to get a puppy or adult dog used to being groomed?

Regular visits to the groomers and lots of praise and cuddles!

A big thank you to Catherine!

If you think you would be a good doggy interviewee then leave a comment in the section below!


Did you guess where we were on holiday with the pictures on our last post, Where Were We & Product Reviews?

If you haven’t yet then take a look at the photos!

Well we were at Northumberland and had a great time with the dogs going for long walks on the beaches! Although it was pretty chilly, the landscape was lovely and our most recommended place would have to be Lindisfarne.



Where Were We & Product Reviews

Can you guess where we’ve been recently?


Clue: Have a look at these pictures below…


Racing along the beach with best friend Charlie


In our fantastic cottage waiting to go for a walk.


The beach is great for supervised socializing.




King Charlie!


This was literally the only time I got them sitting still!


Stunning coastline in the North


Blue skies, freezing weather.


Peeking out the window at the lovely view…


Thundering paws!


So can you guess where we went? Will reveal soon!


So we have an agility competition coming up next Saturday and I’m super excited but a bit nervous. We are trying to practice as often as we can so all should go well!

Wish us luck!

We are also now doing dog product reviews so if you have a product that you’d like us to test and give a review on our blog and social media then please head to the Contact page!