On the third woof of Christmas ~ Quiz

On the 3rd woof of Christmas My Mutt Riley gave to me… A dog breed quiz,

How to Draw Riley,

And A doggy gift guide!




  1. It’s Saturday morning and you are…

a) Sleeping

b) Eating

c) Exercise or Sports

d) Getting My hair done

e) Socializing


2. How do you describe your hair maintenance?

a) I use expensive products to look especially fancy

b) A brisk brush though does it fine

c) Anything practical

d) I get it done often and brush it a lot so it looks nice and  shiny!

e)  I do what I can to look presentable


3. How would your friends describe you?

a)  Popular

b) Loyal

c) Active and clever

d) Pretty

e) Friendly and funny


4. What would be  your “life advice”?

a) Try to leave your mark on the world

b) Be happy and try and get food

c) Be productive and work hard

d) Have fun and look after yourself

e) Find lots of friends to enjoy life with


5. What sort of job would most suit you?

a) Business man/women

b) Work with children

c) Athlete or an outdoor job

d) A famous actor or singer

e) Someones assistant


6. Your favourite subject at school was…

a) Maths

b) English or Lunch!

c) PE or Science

d) Music or art

e) Drama or Geography


7. When you meet new people at first you can be…

a) Confident

b) Friendly

c) Suspicious

d) Shy at first

e) Nearly too friendly!


8. A day at work is…

a) Boring

b) Alright

c) Fun

d) Tiring

e) Lonely


Calculate your A’s, B’s, C’s, D’s & E’s…




Mostly A’s?

You’re a French Bulldog!


You are confident and popular. You are trendy and usually have the latest things!

You have a good sense of humour and close friends.


Mostly B’s?

You’re a Golden Retriever!


You like being with other and are super loyal. You are optimistic and can easily cheer other people up but you are usually hungry and you’re not a fussy eater!


Mostly C’s?

You’re a Border Collie!


Being an active person you’re usually on the go and don’t like to be bored. You are always ready for anything and like to be outdoors! It can take you a bit of time for you to warm up to strangers.


Mostly D’s?

You’re a Shih Tzu!


You spend a fair amount of time looking good and you are also a nice friendly person and are stronger than you look. You are creative and full of good ideas!


Mostly E’s?

You’re a Springer Spaniel!


Always confident around new people you are welcoming and funny. You have plenty of friends and enjoy socializing with them. You can be active but don’t mind having an evening in front of the TV!






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