A Saturday in the life of…





Getting ready is a breeze for me, I can’t see why owners take all morning? A breakfast of my favourite http://www.gentledogfood.co.uk/ and I was ready to go.

We went for a run through the woods and it snowed! There were no photos of us this morning as the camera was left at home but you can imagine me running in the woods…

I came back cold and with a few twigs up my armpits but I love running and jumping over snowy logs and chasing squirrels. I had a warm bath and comb through and zonked out on the sofa.


5k is a long way for short legs!

I must have slept for a few hours because before I knew it, it was training time – this one inside because of the freezing temperatures and snow (that didn’t stick). I am learning to fetch certain objects but I am finding this hard due to the fact that as son as I go pick it up I have a sudden urge to throw the object high in the air and run off!

After several practices I was rewarded for my hard work with a rawhide chew which can keep me occupied for AGES.


I have a busy schedule at the moment being a family dog, a runner, an agility star plus having a blog. I am told I have an agility competition coming up soon…

I ended the day with some snoozles in my wonderfully comfy beco bed (http://www.becopet.com/shop/sleep/beco-donut-bed/).






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