Snow Day

Everything was white and snowy this morning and that means…



Riley snuggly in her equafleece.


And like every good snow day we headed down to an empty field and did something fun and freezing cold.



Build snowmen!


We had a sort of issue trying to put the head on the body so two separate snowmen were created.

I can’t say that Riley has never seen snow before because she had but she does absolutely love it and ran around like a crazy thing which is why it was pretty hard to get any good snaps of her!


Unfortunately she does get what we call snowballs on her legs (clumps of snow that attach themselves to her and don’t pull off easily, other snow dog owners will understand). These irritate her in the way large clumps of snow stuck to your leg do and she starts eating her which makes her freezing cold. Due to this and the fact that our hands were numb we returned home.

You can tell in the picture with her next to the snowman that she was obviously upset about these snowy balls so we returned for a cup of tea (for me) and a warm bath (for both of us).

Also you may have noticed at the top of the site we have two brand new pages “Create” and “Places” which have posts with interesting places we’ve been and nice things to make. These have both new and older posts which I have successfully uploaded from our old site, I have read through some of them and they are at the least strange and the most amusing but are worth checking out!

Have a good snow day!


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