Happy Easter!

The tulips are out and so are the weave poles…

The agility season is in full swing with competitions near is popping up  frequently and whilst hearing the good news of friends getting new high scores and rosettes to add to their collection Riley and I were at home. This wasn’t because we couldn’t make it to the show, we’d love to attend and Riley knows all of the moves and is a little pocket rocket when it comes to agility but she can’t focus without a handful of food and that is forbidden in most competitions. We’ve practiced tugging in the garden but as soon as we get on the drive way all concentration is suddenly lost and true to her pocket rocket name she shoots off into someone’s front garden and causes chaos around the birdseed table. I can’t take her to a competition like that.

We weren’t being couch potatoes though and we’ve been running through the long grass in the fields and practicing agility in the gardening, and there has been A LOT of progress.

12 weaves is now a breeze and no weave entry is too hard for us. Many jumping configurations have been completed and she is really blossoming along with our flowery garden.

The thing I am most proud of though is that she is now a super little tugger! After purchasing a fantastic rabbit skin tuggie in which you can put smelly treats into to temp your hound to play in all situations from the field full of cow pats to a park full of other dogs. I ordered it from  which I recommend for agility training toys.

She LOVES it and it was just what we needed! Now hopefully we can go from 0 to hero in our training as we look forward to competitions in May!




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